I’m a Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Development) from the ITCR in Costa Rica, currently working as a Systems Programmer for Windows, Linux and OS X.


In my daily work, I use C++ and JNI for low-level communication with Windows, Obj-C (and JNI too) for writing native OS X apps, and C++ along with QT for native Linux applications. I also often dive into backend systems written in Java, using frameworks such as Spring and Struts.


My favorite areas of interest are systems programming and application programming for Windows and Linux, using C and C++. A big part of my career so far has involved maintaining and modifying Remote Access solutions such as several RDP and VNC implementations. 


On my free time, I like to read, and watch TV and movies. I also love the Spanish language and hope to get a Masters degree in Philology someday.


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Medium Level Technician – Computer Repair and Maintenance
  • Colegio Vocacional Monseñor Sanabria – Finished on 2010
Bachelor’s Degree in CompSci (Software Development)
  • Costa Rica’s Institute of Technology – Finished on 2016.


  • C and C++
  • Java
  • Objective C


  • Win32, ATL and WTL (for Windows)
  • Cocoa (for macOS)
  • QT (for Linux)
  • JNI
  • Spring
  • Struts


  • Proficient English, both written and spoken
  • Native Spanish speaker
  • Esperanto speaker, low to medium level


SecureLink – Systems Developer – Sabana Sur, San José, Current
  • Systems Solution Developer (for Windows, macOS and Linux)
  • Native Windows apps and service development and maintenance using Visual C++ and C, and the Win32 API.
  • Native OS X apps development using Objective-C (Cocoa).
  • Native Linux app development using C++ and QT.
  • Extensive usage of JNI.
  • Implementation of features in a Java backend to support app workflows.
SecureLink- Windows Developer Intern – Sabana Sur, San José, CR, UNTIL 2015
  • Windows Solution Developer
  • Helped develop and test remote desktop software
  • Provided integration with previously available solution
Leeuwenhoek Project – Developer / Research Assistant – San José, CR – 2015
  • Developed solutions for memory constrained problems
  • Developed tools for genomic analysis for biologists
  • Worked closely with a multidisciplinary team